Feng Shui Training Courses Offer Stillness of the Mountain

October 8, 2017

Today’s culture bombards us with information, stimulation and distractions. From entertainment to to-do lists, our days are filled with stimulation. Social media, television and relationships make it impossible to escape. Everywhere we turn, we face fast-paced living that keeps us always on the go. The end result is an overwhelming feeling of exhaustion. Feng Shui training courses offer techniques to reverse this trend. Feng Shui attempts to restore stillness, calm and satisfaction to our lives.

Finding stillness in chaos

Hua Ching Ni summarized this situation well in The Book of Changes and the Unchanging Truth when he wrote, “The virtue of a Mountain is stillness. Growth is generated and maintained without strain. Unlike a Mountain, human life is not permanently established unless people know the virtue of stillness. Since they do not know when to stop unnecessary activity, they continue to follow overly active desires and thus their organs and senses eventually become exhausted.”

How can we avoid this seemingly inevitable exhaustion? Feng Shui training courses offer insight into how to alter our surroundings and our interactions with them to find this stillness. This coursework helps answer the question, “How can one enhance the Gen Gua to increase inner development and intuition?”

Feng Shui training courses

Feng Shui training includes teaching about the Five Element theory. This involves five important elements: wood, fire, earth, metal and water. Students of Feng Shui learn how these interact with one another and how to interact with them to enhance or diminish an area.

Enhancing can be as simple as bringing in the color red (color of fire) or something that represents fire. Through training in these types of techniques, Feng Shui training courses offer ways to increase one’s sense of calm and stability. Trainees learn about the Gen Gua and how to interact with it. Feng Shui training courses cover various approaches to locating the Gen Gua and achieving enhancement.

Feng Shui for all areas

Feng Shui training courses are available to individuals in all walks of life. This coursework has been applied to finances, relationships, family and careers. Those seeking personal stillness have taken Feng Shui training courses for individual growth. Professionals such as realtors have applied Feng Shui training to stage homes for sale. The ultimate goal of the training is to help people achieve the things we all want—health, abundance and a good life.

Find stillness

Are you feeling the pressure, chaos and frantic activity of the world around you? Could your personal or professional space benefit from a little more stillness of the mountain? Feng Shui training courses are available to teach you the techniques of Feng Shui. Counter to our current culture, these methods incorporate the Five Elements and seek to balance the Gen Gua to enhance your surroundings and achieve greater stability and calm. If you are interested in learning more, contact Feng Shui Designs, Inc. today. Our world-renowned Feng Shui experts can guide you in professional Feng Shui training courses that will teach you the methods of Feng Shui and its art of stillness.

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