Feng Shui Training Brings Wealth in the New Year

January 1, 2018

The start of the new year is a good opportunity to begin afresh, which is why a lot of people regularly declare New Year’s resolutions. Sure, you could decide that your goal for the new year is to lose weight, eat healthier, pick up a new hobby or hang out with family and friends more often. But instead, consider dabbling in a different tradition—why not take a feng shui approach during the upcoming year?

Feng shui training for the new year focuses on bringing you wealth in the months to come. You will need to surround your person with specific colors and objects, all of which must represent happiness and prosperity. Your concentration is to focus on the color that symbolizes wealth and prosperity: red, the fire element in feng shui.

Here are some feng shui training recommendations for red things to get to attract wealth this new year:

  • New red wallet: Go into the new year with a new wallet—to be more precise, a red wallet (or any color in the red family) which symbolizes that you are prepared to accept new wealth—so you will be ready to prosper. Colors in the red category draw prosperity and wealth your way. Before you start using it, fold a $50 bill and stash it safely in your wallet. This is said to attract greater wealth.
  • Red clothing and shoes: When you wear the color red, you are stating you want to attract good fortune. Put together a red outfit, or just wear an article of red clothing (red gloves, scarf, jewelry or a shirt) to ring in the new year, which represents your desire for wealth and fortune. Also, go shopping for a pair of red shoes. They are a symbol that you are ready to step into the new year and stomp out anything that irritates you.
  • New personal watch: Watches keep the time. Because it is always moving forward, it’s an object that is said to bring its wearer positive chi. The thing to remember is that it’s important to choose and buy your own watch. It has to be a watch you like and will want to wear everyday in the new year.
  • Gold jewelry pieces: What better thing to represent wealth and abundance than gold? Wearing new pieces of gold jewelry encourages your wealth to grow, but it’s best to buy brand new jewelry if you want to take advantage of new and plentiful energy. Consignment pieces may carry the previous owners’ energy, and you don’t want to risk carrying around negative chi.
  • Large bag: Entering the new year with a large tote bag signifies that you want the year to bring you good things. Get the biggest comfortable bag you can carry!

There are so many interesting and helpful things that you will learn during your feng shui training, such as how to bring wealth your way in the new year and ways to feng shui your home for peace and wellbeing. Call the experts at Feng Shui Designs, Inc. for more information about upcoming classes!

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