Improve the Energy of a Bathroom in the Center of Your House with These Feng Shui Training Tips

November 3, 2017

To most people who follow the principles of feng shui, having a bathroom placed in the center of the living area is bad. In feng shui, the center of the home is said to be the heart of the space, but it is also considered to be the space from which all the home’s feng shui areas get their energy. Another way to think about it is to remember that every feng shui area in your house is connected to the heart, so the heart must be healthy. For this reason, the center space ought to be left open and filled with light and beauty.

Is there anything you can do if you have a bathroom in the center of your home? There is! Here are some feng shui training tips to help improve its energy:

  • Clean and organize: Like other rooms in your house, the key to calmness in a space is to keep it clean and free of clutter. Make an effort to clean and de-clutter your bathroom daily, because chaos will only bring more bad feng shui to the space. You should also implement a strategic organization system to maintain order. A quick way to get started is to use organizers under the sink and inside cabinets, and put things back after you use them.
  • Beautify the space: You decorate other rooms in your home, so why not add decor to your bathroom as well? Especially for a bathroom in the center of a home, bringing some beauty to it will help brighten things up. Hang your favorite art on the walls, or leave a vase of flowers or aromatherapy candles on the counter. Even changing the color of the wall paint can change the energy of the space.
  • Have quality light: You want to be mindful of the quality of bathroom light. While the best source of light is through a glass window, not all bathrooms have one. What’s more is that most bathrooms placed in the center of the home are in a bad place for window installation. You can create light with a dimmer light fixture, or place a stylish lamp in the corner of the room.
  • Create healthy air: Good air quality is important in a bathroom at a home’s center. Whether you have a window in the bathroom or not, air purifying plants are a good option to clean the inside air. Choose bamboo, lilies, spider plants and more—just make sure there’s enough quality light to feed the plants.
  • Bring feng shui cures: Two feng shui cure elements are earth and fire. Both elements are expressed in shapes, colors and the type of decorative items, and are excellent for enhancing the energy at the center of your home. Note that the earth element will absorb and balance out any excessive energy the water element may bring.

Good feng shui levels are important. For homes with bathrooms in the center space, you need to take extra steps to make sure positive energy is present. Contact the experts at Feng Shui Designs, Inc. for more information about professional feng shui training classes today!

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