Transform Your Bedroom into a Place of Relaxation and Boost Wellbeing with Feng Shui Training

November 17, 2017

Feng shui is an ancient Chinese practice that’s been around for over 5,000 years. It teaches that every object and the spaces they are in possess energy and a life force (called chi) that, when arranged properly, can improve your wellbeing and quality of life. Want to feng shui a space? If so, it’s safe to say you are seeking a more positive energy balance in your home and in your life. To achieve feng shui, you need to know how to balance out the energies in all the feng shui areas of your house. This could mean rearranging, removing or adding objects.

Here’s how you can use expert feng shui training to transform your bedroom into a place of relaxation and boost wellbeing:

  • Put your bed in the correct position: The bedroom is for relaxing and sleeping, so you must place the bed in such a way that it invites good energy. This placement is called the Commanding Position, which is the farthest point from the entry door, although visibility of the doorway is a must.
  • Stimulate your senses: A feng shui bedroom that’s filled with good chi will rub off on your senses and enhance your ability to feel calm and relaxed. To really awaken your senses, treat yourself to a bubble bath with essential oils (like lavender) and light a soothing scented candle. After, wrap up in a warm robe or throw and listen to relaxing music while cuddled up on your bed.
  • Enjoy the view: If you have a window or glass door that opens out to a beautiful view of nature, make sure to leave the curtains open to bring the view into your bedroom. Gazing out a window at a garden or landscape promotes a healthy mind, calms the soul and can help you heal faster. For those without a view, hang a beautiful piece of calming art with a depiction of nature.
  • Allow nature to come in: The best way to use nature to decrease stress and cortisol levels is to spend 20 minutes out in nature. Since that is not always possible at nighttime, practice feng shui by placing a few green plants in your bedroom to bring good energy, happiness and a sense of calm. You might also want to include other natural elements, like crystals and rocks.
  • Banish electronics and dim the lights at bedtime: These days, we are surrounded by devices that emit electricity, which is not the type of energy you want in the bedroom. Along with dimming the light to get in the mood for sleep, you’ll also want to ban the use of technology while in bed. That includes cell phones, computers, televisions and tablets.

Through professional feng shui training, you will be able to help yourself and others reach balanced feng shui levels and bring forth positive energy. Are you ready to sign up for feng shui classes? Don’t hesitate to call us at Feng Shui Designs, Inc. for more information about our online and on-site training!

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