I Ching

Need to make an important Decision? Need guidance for your life?

The I Ching has been used for thousands of years in China for guidance. Whether it was the Emperor trying to discern the fate of the country or ordinary citizens seeking help with life decisions, the I Ching always played a most important role. Helen Jay has been practicing and giving I Ching readings for 25 years. She is an expert at going to the core of any situation and understanding the most positive outcome. Helen’s I Ching readings have played an important role in guiding hundreds of clients in their personal life and businesses. Let Helen help you clarify your situation and help you make the right decision based on the outcome of casting the I Ching coins.

Contact Helen at [email protected] for details and to arrange a time for your reading. Or buy below and she will contact you.

Reading Prices:


 One Reading: $54


Three Readings: $127