Six Feng Shui Tips to Enjoy a Comfortable and Peaceful Home This Winter

December 18, 2017

Not only does winter bring cold weather, but it can bring the blues as well, leaving many people feeling sad or depressed. Experiencing negative feelings and emotions like these during the winter months is often due to a lack of sun exposure, being cooped up inside or not being able to enjoy the things that make you happy. To combat the wintertime blues, turn your home into a warm and cozy space that leaves you feeling relaxed.

The following are some feng shui tips to ensure a cozy home during the cold winter months. You may also want to consider signing up for online feng shui classes to learn more about the ways of feng shui and how it can improve your life everyday:

  • Let in natural light: Natural light is your best friend when it comes to combating seasonal affective disorder (SAD), the form of depression caused by seasonal changes. To boost your energy and mood, let in the sunlight to warm you up and light up the house. Open the curtains when the sun is out, and make sure to clean the glass often so sunlight can shine through.
  • Add sources of light: If there’s not enough natural light, then swap out old lighting and replace it with full spectrum lighting. How to use light from a variety of sources to brighten up a room is one thing you will learn in your online feng shui classes. Lit candles are also great at bringing a warm glow to whichever room you are in. If possible, you can also sit around a glowing, crackling fireplace.
  • Bring warm colors inside: Warm up your home this winter with soft, warm colors. Use soothing colors like ivory, white, light blue, light rosy pink, red and even orange to create a calm energy in each room—think throw pillows and blankets, dishes, bedding and home accents.
  • Use your crock pot: Warm soups and broths are not only nourishing, but fill the home with wonderful fragrances that make the winter months bright. Crock pots are also great for simmering hot cocoa or hot apple cider. Those are seasonal aromas anyone can enjoy!
  • Be one with nature: Because of gray clouds and haze, winter days can yield little sunlight, but don’t allow yourself to get stuck inside 24/7. Your body and mind need the healing powers of nature—recharge your natural energy by borrowing from the Earth’s energy. This means you should try going outside for at least a few minutes each day when the sun’s out. Or, take a walk in the garden to admire the trees and plants anytime.
  • Listen to music: Playing energizing music can increase your life-force energy, which is an especially important need during dreary winter days. Additionally, you can listen to music while in a comfortable sitting position for meditating.

We hope you benefit from these tips to feng shui your home this winter! Want to learn more about the art of feng shui? Contact Feng Shui Designs, Inc. for information regarding our online feng shui classes!

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