Seven Tips to Enhance Your Home Using Feng Shui Training

August 9, 2017

A feng shui goal of many people is to make sure their house is filled with positive energy—the life force chi, also called qi—and harmony. Since that is the case, let’s take a look at some feng shui training basics. Here are seven tips to help you enhance your home using feng shui:

  • Create a calm front door area: Not only is the front door where you enter, but your guests enter here as well, and it’s believed that the main entrance lets in opportunities. Furthermore, this area should welcome you in and offer good fortune, so ensure the front door area is not falling apart, blocked, squeaking or sticking.
  • Enhance the upper left-hand and right-hand corners: The upper left-hand corner of the main entrance to your home is your Wealth Corner. Enhance your wealth and good fortune by placing an object there, like a plant, mirror, light fixture or water feature—a photograph or artwork depicting a water element works, too. And to put a spark in your relationship and promote a better love life, you’ll want to boost the upper right-hand corner.
  • Remove clutter from your home: When your space is cluttered, chi cannot flow evenly throughout the home, which can block good fortune. Therefore, banish all the stuff you do not need or love from your house. True, de-cluttering takes time and energy, but it’s very therapeutic and you will feel freed when you’re done. Removing clutter is essential in creating a harmonious house filled with good feng shui energy.
  • Correctly face beds and desks: Commanding Position is when something is facing a door while not being directly in line with it. You also want to have your back to a solid wall for good feng shui energy. Face your bed this way for better sleep, and your desk as such to protect your finances.
  • Close bathroom doors: Unless you’re waiting for moisture to dry up after a shower, bathroom doors are best left shut. This is because the bathroom has several drains, and it’s believed that chi can be drained from the home through the bathroom. For good feng shui, keep bathroom doors closed, the toilet seats down and cabinet doors shut.
  • Improve indoor air quality and light: To let good feng shui energy into your home, you must first have good quality indoor air and light. Open the windows to allow fresh air in and natural light to shine through. Consider getting air purifying and filtering indoor plants to help create a healthy living environment; they also beautify and bring life to a space.
  • Add a water feature: The Career Area of your home is at the front-center, typically where the main front door is located. Water flowing toward the center of your home enhances the path to your career, while water running away causes money to run away, too. Add a water fountain or artwork with a water element to the front-center of your home.

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