Feng Shui Courses Will Teach You the Nine Categories of Feng Shui Cures

August 23, 2017

There are many different steps you can take and many directions you can go in an effort to improve your life. Luckily, feng shui offer cures that can be used to repair the missing areas of the Bagua in your living space, harmonize the flow of Chi, resolve imbalance and activate specific areas of the Bagua pertaining to different parts of your life. When you take feng shui courses, you will learn all about the nine categories of feng shui cures. Until then, we hope you enjoy the following overview of the subject:

  • Light: Bright light-producing or light-refracting objects include various light fixtures with soothing lightbulbs, crystal balls or crystals (either hanging, on a surface or as artwork) and mirrors. Considered especially good luck in feng shui is hanging an octagonal mirror, because it is in the shape of the Bagua.
  • Sound: Seek out objects that make sounds. The sound objects that are most beneficial to your health and your home’s energy are those that produce relaxing sounds. Place objects like wind chimes, drums, bells, music and other musical instruments in your home and garden.
  • Heavy objects: Objects that are heavy or symbolically heavy can help keep Chi grounded to bring in a sense of stability. Such heavy objects include statues, natural stones, rock gardens and Yu bowls (a Chinese ink pot with stones placed in the bottom).
  • Color: Using elemental colors can help balance the Chi of the spaces in your home. Go for the five element colors, colors from the rainbow or chakra spectrum, even the colors of the Om Ma Ni Pad Me Hum (a mantra, or prayer).
  • Water features: Water features are always welcomed objects in feng shui. They can help flow good energy into your home and banish the negative. So, use water itself, like water fountains, or photos or artwork of water features like oceans, lakes, rivers and streams.
  • Moving objects and living objects: Moving objects include fountains, waterfalls, mobiles, weather vanes, flags, whirligigs and windmills. Living objects include flowers, trees, other plants, fish in aquariums and household pets.
  • Energy producing objects: This category includes electric powered objects such as televisions, computers and appliances, as well as fire producing objects like firecrackers and candles.
  • Bamboo: Bamboo is important in feng shui to enhance the Chi in a space. It comes in many different forms, but all work in similar ways. This category includes bamboo flutes for playing or display, and bamboo stalks—live plants add good energy and improve air quality.
  • Others: This final category is comprised of everything from specialty cures, aromatherapy, touch, prayer, the practice of mindfulness and things from your personal life. It also includes the Bagua and rituals with good intention toward the life force and energy of your home.

At Feng Shui Designs, Inc., you can sign up for the feng shui courses you find interesting or that would be most enlightening. You will learn from the best in the practice of feng shui, and even get the chance to travel while learning. Contact us to learn more!

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