Using Feng Shui Training to Enhance Your Career

June 2, 2017

Are you looking to boost your career, or maybe to bring a greater sense of energy and accomplishment to your work?

By following some principles of Feng Shui training, you can increase your professional success and your sense of satisfaction regarding your career and where it’s headed. Experts recommend placing an emphasis on the fame and reputation area of the Feng Shui bagua, or energy map, in both your work environment and your home.

To do this, you can:

  • Hang or display art that incorporates fire: To symbolize the energy tied to the concept of fire, you can select art that specifically displays images of fire. Or, go for a more abstract approach by choosing artwork in one or more colors that represent the element of fire, like orange, yellow, pink, purple and red. Other items to think about adding are rose bushes, cacti or objects that feature triangles or stars. All of these symbolize the element of fire and represent the spark leading you to greater success and recognition for your accomplishments.
  • Add wood-related art: Along similar lines, displaying art that incorporates the wood element will help increase the energy you need to produce greater career satisfaction. As with the above tip, you can choose from artwork that displays forests, trees or other items that feature wood, or decide to simply go with art in colors that invoke the wood element, such as brown and green.
  • Display proof of your success: Have you received a degree, certificate, award, trophy or other type of recognition that you are proud of? Even if it’s from long ago, such as a college degree that you earned some years back, displaying it will help boost your confidence and will provide you with additional motivation and positive energy on your journey to continued career success and satisfaction.

  • Create and prominently display vision boards: Are you working toward a particular goal? Create a vision board with images and quotations or other words of wisdom to help motivate you, and display it in a spot that is highly visible.

  • Illuminate your workspace: Working in a well-lit space goes hand-in-hand with producing positive energy. To this end, candles, tall lamps or other items to enhance lighting will work well.

  • Be sure that your back door is not directly in line with your front door: If you work in a shared office space, you may not have control over this. However, if you are able to change this or you are designing a new home office space for yourself, you can make a point not to have these two doors in line with each other. The explanation behind this is that you want to bring energy to your front door, and if another door (or window, for that matter) is in the path of your front door, this energy is being blocked from fully making its way to you.

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