Feng Shui Training Works for Travel, Too!

June 22, 2017

Your Feng Shui training is not just for at home—it can travel with you, too. The techniques you learn from this practice also work when you are exploring the world. You will remain at ease even when you are in an unfamiliar place. Here are seven Feng Shui tips to follow when you travel:

  • Stay in the moment: Research before traveling helps you know what to expect, but nothing will quite present the way it does online or in travel books. Review the I Ching for guidance on keeping an open mind and being ready for new experiences. This is especially important with foreign travel, since you are experiencing different cultures and environments.
  • Enact protection: A protective talisman helps you focus on ways to stay safe. While travel is an enlightening experience, it is also fraught with danger. It may involve street crime, or if you are doing something risky, like mountain climbing, a catastrophic injury. Bringing your protective talisman helps you feel confident as you enter new and unexpected situations.
  • Perform a departure ritual: Do not just leave your home in a hurry and rush to the airport. Give yourself time for a departure ritual. The Red Cloth tradition is much like a ribbon-cutting ceremony for a new business. Lay a six-foot red cloth at your door and visualize a safe trip as you walk over the cloth. You will walk across it again when you return home. This removes negative energy and eases transitions from everyday life to vacation time—and back again.
  • Be comfortable: Even if you book a nonstop flight, wear loose, comfortable clothing. There is always a chance for delay or for your route to change. Wear lightly scented hand lotion with a soothing scent that is not so strong that it overwhelms passengers with fragrance sensitivities. Consider delays a chance to take in your environment with people watching or meditation.
  • Clear your space: Hotel rooms and guest homes are unfamiliar territory that may not have the optimal Feng Shui layouts. It is also unlikely that you will be allowed to burn sage or incense to clear the space. Use natural orange spray instead, or eat a fresh orange to let the scent fill your area. Orange effectively removes old and stale energy so you can start fresh. Cover the TV if it is not in use, since that may be an energy drain. Once you finish, create a travel altar with inspiring objects so you can start each day in a centered place.
  • Explore: Be open to your environment. Talk to as many people as possible and break from past routines. Keep complaints to a minimum and frame your vacation in a positive light.
  • Prepare for the return: Before you board an airplane or start that road trip home, meditate on what you learned on your vacation. Decide how you will apply the new experience to your everyday life. As you leave your hotel room, perform another Red Cloth ritual so you leave negative energy behind.

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