Feng Shui Training Tips for Your Kitchen

May 19, 2017

By learning more about the techniques presented as part of Feng Shui training, you can boost your kitchen’s positive energy. This in turn will reduce negativity in this essential room and create a sense of increased happiness and health that will make their way into other areas of your home.

For a Feng Shui kitchen, do…

  • Make sure the cook can see the stove and burners while cooking: Adjusting your kitchen in this way allows the cook to have a constant view of these crucial kitchen areas. This provides not only a sense of safety, but also a sense of empowerment. If this isn’t possible, consider placing a mirror or other type of reflective metal opposite the stove so they can continue to keep an eye on the stove and burners.
  • Consider selecting from brown, red, orange, yellow and rose as the colors for your kitchen’s walls and floors: These colors represent fire or earth and tend to be the most harmonious ones for maintaining an overall sense of Feng Shui. If you are interested in which color you should consider based on your kitchen’s location in your home, we can help provide you with additional guidance and recommendations.
  • Make the effort to keep the room clean and free of clutter: It goes without saying that a cooking and food preparation space that is dirty or hard to navigate is one you are less likely to want to spend time in. Beyond that, a kitchen with a considerable amount of clutter can be a higher safety risk, which can result in a higher chance of an accident or other cooking mishap.
  • Ensure that the kitchen is placed toward your home’s back door: Much better Feng Shui is created when your kitchen is located near the back door. That’s because being able to see your oven from the front door or having a kitchen that is aligned directly with the front door is known to create a negative sense of energy.

For a Feng Shui kitchen, don’t…

  • Face in a direction other than east while cooking in your kitchen: Ideally, you should cook facing east if this is possible, as facing west while cooking is believed to lead to health issues for the cook. Facing south while cooking may result in financial difficulties for the home’s inhabitants.
  • Allow the kitchen to be placed underneath a bathroom or bedroom: The reason for ensuring that your kitchen is not placed directly underneath the bathroom or bedroom is a logical one. This type of placement mixes the energy of the kitchen with the energy of the bathroom or bedroom, which are two types of energies that should not be intermingled.
  • Place the kitchen door so that it faces a main door, toilet or bedroom: This concept is a continuation of the above tip. If this can’t be avoided, experts recommend setting up a screen or other type of divider so that the stove can’t be seen from your home’s other doors.

Are you interested in learning more about Feng Shui training for the kitchen or other areas of the home? Contact Feng Shui Designs, Inc. We look forward to joining you on your journey!

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