Look for These Feng Shui Staging Elements While House Hunting

April 24, 2017

When you are house hunting, you must look beneath the surface and see the potential. It is unlikely someone will decorate to your exact taste, so there is imagination involved with each house you view. This is especially true with Feng Shui staging, since you may not see homes staged with Feng Shui in mind. However, you can still assess a home using knowledge of Feng Shui principles. Here are four elements to consider as you choose your next residence:

  • Location: We all want to live in an ideal location, but that assessment takes a deeper approach with Feng Shui. Being within walking distance to favorite spots or having an easier commute to work may be considerations, but so are clean streets, good neighbors and nearby structures that do not interfere with the home’s energy. The house should not be crowded by other buildings, and there should be room to breathe. Homes with a front yard slightly larger than the back often meet this requirement. If you encounter homes that are packed together closely or on sloped lots, you will likely face a challenge.
  • Doors: Your front door is the main conduit where energy enters your home. It should be facing in a lucky direction and a proportional size to the rest of the house. Bushes and trees should not impede it. Avoid back and front door alignment unless you plan on remodeling your new home. If the house as additional doors, like a basement entrance or side porch, those should not align either. That type of floor plan creates a loss of energy, and your interior design will need to make up for it.
  • First view: Pay attention to your surroundings as you enter the front door. Open entryways are the best for Feng Shui planning. If the first things you see include a back door, staircase or wall, you do not have the best Feng Shui setup. Of all these elements, a staircase is the easiest to overcome. If the entryway is large and you are not crowded by the staircase, it will likely not be a problem. You can also create a better entry space with mirrors, art and specific colors. Aligned doors are the most challenging shortcoming to overcome. It is likely not worth the effort to purchase a home with aligned doors unless you feel particularly drawn to it.
  • Floor plans: There are floor plans with an ideal Feng Shui layout, and others that are more challenging. One of these includes a bathroom on the second story right above an entry way. You need to be careful about bathroom locations since they are low energy areas that can take away from better ones. The bathroom problem is often addressed with separation, like having a different floor style from the neighboring room, or even a good rug. If you have a bathroom right off your bedroom, do not align your bed with the bathroom entrance.

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