Selling Your Home? Apply the Factors of Feng Shui Staging to Stand Out in the Market

March 30, 2017

Staging your home using simple Feng Shui adjustments can enhance your selling potential—the key to selling any home is to create a true sense of home for interested buyers. Here are some important factors of Feng Shui staging you can use to stand out in the market:

S: Street

  • A homebuyer’s sense of the property starts from the street, as they are likely to drive by several times before stopping.
  • Feng Shui creates a good first impression and curb appeal. Start with a street level assessment before adding Feng Shui elements and clear yard clutter, add plants, re-coat the driveway and hide garbage cans from street view.
  • Use yard sculptures to move eyes toward good aspects of the exterior. And installing a delicate gate can improve chi.
  • Adding movement is important in Feng Shui staging—hang wind chimes, a flag or windsock, because movement caches a person’s eye.

E: Entrance

The front entrance is the Mouth of Qi, or chi: where energy flows in. A blocked entrance, like a solid fence or a large tree rooted directly in front of the main door, prevents any positive energy from getting in. Painting the door red is another way to create balanced energy, and a black door enhances the water element—the career center of the Bagua. Also, put potted plants on the outside of the front door to uplift qi.

C: Create space and flow

Remember, clutter inside the home blocks chi flow and makes a space appear smaller than it really is. If the home is still occupied, then furniture arrangement is key to create a feel of openness and welcome. Don’t put furniture backs to the door; otherwise you create negative chi. And get rid of all visual noise, including unorganized clothes, a crowded living room or countertop clutter.

R: Room of first sight

Pay attention to the first things people will see upon entering the home. Is it dark, cluttered, visual chaos? Clear the clutter, and open the drapes and turn on all light fixtures. But most importantly, make the entry area open and inviting to clear a path for positive qi.

E: Engage senses

  • Sight: What buyers see is most important. Colors, light, etc. need to be calm and inviting.
  • Smell: Wash, clean the house. Get rid of bad smells, like odors from pets, cooking, cigarette smoke and sewage.
  • Hearing: Play soothing music in the front room, and place wind chimes or a water fountain near the front door.
  • Touch: The texture of the furniture, flooring and more gives people a literal feel of the home.
  • Taste: Have treats out! Cookies, candy and cupcakes are always a hit, and bake at the house to deploy nostalgic scents.

T: Transcendental cures

Creating a safe, spiritual space begins with removing negative energy and enhancing positive energy flow throughout the home, as well as reinforcing the power of visualization—this means paying attention to detail when adding Feng Shui elements to a home. Simply put, transcendental Feng Shui cures and calms the body, mind and heart, and brings peace to the environment.

Let Feng Shui Designs, Inc. teach you how Feng Shui staging can improve the energy in your home, office or life. Call us when you’re ready!

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