Let Feng Shui Classes Take You to China! A Guide to Pingyao Destinations

February 5, 2017

When you were in college, you may have been offered the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or two. Whether you were able to take advantage of an overseas college experience or only got as far as the brochures, you may still have that nagging travel bug. The good news is that today there are many options out there for people interested in traveling in a group—including Feng Shui immersion trips to China!

At Feng Shui Designs, Inc, we are proud to offer Chinese immersion in conjunction with our Feng Shui classes. One such destination is the county of Pingyao. Let’s look at a mini travel guide to what you will find in Pingyao.



A unique aspect of Pingyao is that it has managed to retain much of its original city layout from the Ming and Qing dynasties, which takes on a traditional Bagua pattern to allow energy to flow through. Like much of China, there’s a lot to see in and around this city, as it has more than 300 sites for your exploring pleasure. And although the main city looks old, sights and characteristics range from added modern aesthetics to ancient ruins.


Ancient City of Pingyao

Unlike a lot of China, Pingyao is not in a setting surrounded by beautiful landscape, crystal clear waters or rolling green mountains. What this city is is a spot frozen in time and tradition. In fact, the old city of Pingyao is considered one of the best-preserved World Heritage Sites in China, one that every visitor must see.


Ancient City Wall of Pingyao

Because the city’s wall is shaped like a turtle from an aerial view, the Ancient City of Pingyao is also called Turtle City. Four of its six gates are set on the east and west sides to form the four legs of a turtle, with the other two gates acting as a head and tail. As with many ancient cities, the wall—which is made of bricks and stone covering compacted earth—has been renovated, yet still remains in good condition, all four miles of it.


Ancient Ming-Qing Street

Remarkably preserved and a bustling tourist street, the Ancient Ming-Qing Street lends a hand as the central hub to the Pingyao Ancient City’s commercial block—as it has been for hundreds of years. Because the streets and storefronts still have quite a bit of their historical appearance, it’s almost like stepping back in time. Shops range from pawnshops and antique stores, to various workshops and handmade crafts, to security guard companies, some of which are open for business today. Upon gaining further insight, you’ll learn that many old shop spaces have been rebuilt and transformed into restaurants or museums.

Another interesting fact about this ancient street is that not only are the Ming and Qing style homes incredibly well preserved, but residences number close to 4,000.

Pingyao is just one of many wonderful China travel destinations, but one that’s a must! To learn more about taking Feng Shui classes or Feng Shui immersion trips to China, don’t hesitate to contact us at Feng Shui Designs, Inc.

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