A Few Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Today!

January 31, 2016

Whether you have a family, live with roommates or live on your own, noise and clutter are bound to happen. Such chaos can be as simple as dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom to something more anxiety producing, like your kids battling one another or your spouse’s pack rat ways. It’s good to know you are not alone on that front. No matter the situation, you may consider looking into feng shui to turn a chaotic household into a Zen space. What do you think? Are you curious to learn more?

While feng shui classes can help you begin your journey to create a more harmonized self, it’s okay if you want to first learn the basics on your own through research and practice. So, if you are ready to discover some easy ways to feng shui your home, then continue reading for ideas that are sure to get you started improving your living space today!


Remove Clutter

One of the top reasons for negative energy and feeling a total loss of control of your life is living in a cluttered home. Clutter suffocates positive energy, and therefore, energy can’t flow freely throughout your home. Clear the clutter now to make a happier home, because if your home life is physically cluttered, then your emotional well-being will suffer.


Choose the Right Window Treatments

Feng shui classes will teach you the right way to dress up your home windows. First, having a room with a view is fantastic, but you should be able to block it out when you need total darkness to sleep or to have your privacy. The right type of window curtains and shades will be made of light fabric; it is recommended to stay away from metal, plastic and wood blinds, as they tend to close off the space. Choose non-bulky materials and simple patterns to avoid feeling uneasy in the room.


Reposition Your Bed

You may not be aware of the fact that, to get a good night’s sleep, you must first feel secure. Placing your bed in the proper position is believed to offer security to put your mind at ease while you sleep. In other words, when you are in bed, you should have a clear view of the entire room and the bedroom door, and it’s best that your headboard leans against a wall.


Cover or Move Electronics

Because electronics emit electrical currents, it’s suggested to keep them out of your bedroom and home office. These currents are present whether the device is on or off, which can cause emotional or physical issues, like difficultly concentrating and experiencing ringing of the ear, or even disrupt sleep. If you must have a television set in your bedroom or office, cover it up with a decorative piece of fabric when it’s not in use. Electronics that get hot should be unplugged, not covered, to avoid starting a fire.

At Feng Shui Designs, Inc, you can rest assured that the feng shui classes you sign up for are taught by knowledgeable feng shui practitioners who are trained and certified. Contact us for more information about our training and certification programs.

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