When Joel Curry and his wife Joy purchased the Pathways to Health Massage Therapy Center in Auburn, California in early 1993, it had a few problems. “The community had a general misconception about our center and massage in general.  To put it mildly, massage was not looked upon as a viable health care alternative. Also the center had never made much of a profit since its establishment nine years ago,” Joel recalls.

Utilizing his background in marketing, Joel set about to educate the public and generate more business for his center. 

The Magic of Ritual and Feng Shui

“Dad, can you and mom take me to the high mountains to look for  antlers that the deer have shed?” One chilly Autumn morning our young son Anthony asked us this question. Together the three of us were about to perform a ceremony and blessing on our recently acquired property in the foothills of the Sierra Nevadas in California and the question  prompted us to  reflect on the fact that children are often much more in touch with the natural world than us big people and have a longing to be part of that world.