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Established in 1993 by Helen and James Jay as one of the first online Feng Shui resource centers. Offering Feng Shui Training and Certification in North America, Europe and China as well as an Online Catalog of Feng Shui enhancements. Helen and James Jay are founding members of the International Feng Shui Guild

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Our Feng Shui Practitioner’s Course will consist of both online and onsite training sessions and is designed for those interested in creating a professional Feng Shui practice.

China Travel

China Travel

Experience entire communities still living in the spirit of Feng Shui. We will introduce you to unique individuals practicing the art of Feng Shui in the mystical land of its origin.



Visit our online catalog The Feng Shui Bazaar. Scouring the Web for the best deals on Feng Shui items from around the world. Best item around the world and quality assured.


Subscribe to our FREE Feng Shui Online Newspaper. The Feng Shui Report is a new and improved version which updates daily to bring you all news from around the globe on Feng Shui

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How to create a Feng Shui Wealth Vase

Click to acces the free video program to create a Feng Shui Wealth Case

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