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Get to Know Suzhou Before Visiting During Feng Shui Courses

Suzhou is a city that sits west of Shanghai, located in southeastern Jiangsu Province. And not only is Suzhou one of China’s major cities and a strong economic center, it is also known for many of its remarkable features—like its canals, bridges and extensive gardens. Furthermore, Suzhou is a wealthy city that takes education seriously and prides itself on the beauty of its natural landscape and rich Chinese culture.

Whether you are interested in visiting the city of Suzhou as a part of Feng Shui Designs,

Explore the Fascinating Layout of Chengkan Village as a Part of Your Feng Shui Training

In China, there’s a place called Chengkan Village. As far as well-preserved ancient architecture goes, Chengkan Village is at the top of the list, starting with its famously intact residential structures all the way down to the brick and wood carvings. For a better idea of the location of Chengkan Village, know that it’s in the Huizhou District of Huangshan City, which also plays host to other small Chinese villages.

With that, let’s take a look at some more good information about Chengkan Village and its intriguing layout that will be beneficial to your feng shui training:

  • Chengkan Village was first built in the early days of the Three Kingdoms Period—the kingdoms of Wei,

Interesting Facts About the City of Hangzhou That Will Make You Want to Get Your Feng Shui Certification

Of all the cities in China, Hangzhou is said to be the most important for tourists to visit and is considered the most beautiful city in the country. Hangzhou is the capital of China’s Zhejiang province, and it’s where you will find lovely locations like West Lake and the ancient Grand Canal waterway to explore and enjoy. Those who have visited Hangzhou and seen its landscape describe the city as enchanting, an experience that cannot be missed.

Here are a few interesting facts about the city of Hangzhou that will get you thinking about acquiring your Feng Shui certification:

  • It is rich with history and culture: The first thing you should know about Hangzhou is that the Chinese government has designated it as an historic and cultural city—and rightfully so,

Let Feng Shui Classes Take You to China! A Guide to Pingyao Destinations

When you were in college, you may have been offered the opportunity to study abroad for a semester or two. Whether you were able to take advantage of an overseas college experience or only got as far as the brochures, you may still have that nagging travel bug. The good news is that today there are many options out there for people interested in traveling in a group—including Feng Shui immersion trips to China!

At Feng Shui Designs,

Online Feng Shui Training: Learn How to Use Natural Crystals in Feng Shui

Crystals are lovely objects that can be hung from the ceiling in front of a window or placed on a tabletop. And, depending on beliefs, people from all around the world may view the use of crystals differently, ranging from believing they have healing abilities to trusting in their protective powers. When crystals are used in feng shui for your home or office, their purpose is usually for the creation of good energy, as opposed to just serving as a decorative piece.

Simple Tips to Feng Shui Your Business: Learn More from Taking Feng Shui Classes Online

As a business owner looking to improve business success and workplace energy, consider becoming an expert in the practice of feng shui. The first step to take in order to reach these goals is to sign up for feng shui classes online, which can be completed from the comfort and convenience of your own home or office! For a peek at what you will learn, let’s run through some simple tips to feng shui your office:

  • Clear the clutter: Your work desk is not your dining room table.

A Few Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Today!

Whether you have a family, live with roommates or live on your own, noise and clutter are bound to happen. Such chaos can be as simple as dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom to something more anxiety producing, like your kids battling one another or your spouse’s pack rat ways. It’s good to know you are not alone on that front. No matter the situation, you may consider looking into feng shui to turn a chaotic household into a Zen space.