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Five Interesting Facts About the Year of the Rooster from a Feng Shui Practitioner

Happy New Year! According to the Chinese lunar calendar, this coming Chinese New Year sign is the Rooster, which, like other signs, has its own set of traits that make it significant each year it returns. So, how much do you know about this sign for 2017? Let’s take a look at some interesting facts about the Year of the Rooster from a feng shui practitioner:

  • Start and end dates: The first thing you may notice about the Year of the Rooster is that it does not start on the first day of the new year.

A Few Easy Ways to Feng Shui Your Home Today!

Whether you have a family, live with roommates or live on your own, noise and clutter are bound to happen. Such chaos can be as simple as dirty laundry piling up in the bathroom to something more anxiety producing, like your kids battling one another or your spouse’s pack rat ways. It’s good to know you are not alone on that front. No matter the situation, you may consider looking into feng shui to turn a chaotic household into a Zen space.