Find a Feng Shui Practitioner

Not just any interior design specialist or decorator can achieve harmonious levels of feng shui. In fact, very few can and even fewer are properly trained to do so. This makes finding a certified feng shui practitioner important. Feng Shui Designs, Inc. is here to ensure you’re connecting with a practitioner who is aptly equipped to serve you with a thorough understanding of feng shui principles and practices.

Below you’ll find a list of candidates in various states and countries, accessible for your design needs and ready to deliver feng shui excellence. Each person has attended one of our feng shui schools and completed our comprehensive courses, exhibiting a deep understanding of feng shui core philosophies.

Whether you’re approaching an interior design project for your home or you’re seeking a talented professional to assist with a large-scale commercial project, our highly-trained alumni can help you. Each of these individuals has worked through our courses and training, and earned themselves a distinction that few others worldwide can attest to. We place full confidence in their ability to assist you!

For more information about our certification and how it can be applied to your project or to have us put you in touch with a certified feng shui practitioner in your area, please contact us today by calling 707-237-5132. Or, please select from the states and countries below to see a listing of applicable practitioners in your area.